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Halibut poached in Red Wine

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Halibut poached in Red Wine
13th November, 2018

Halibut is such a wonderful fish to cook with and deserves to be treated with great respect in terms of accompanying ingredients so poaching it in red wine and serving it with crispy pancetta and juicy mushrooms seems apt

The colours, smell and tastes of this dish are amazing and you’ll want it again and again


  • 400ml red wine
  • 200ml chicken stock
  • 3 thyme sprigs
  • 5 black peppercorns
  • 4 halibut fillets
  • 50g pancetta
  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • 50g butter
  • 100g wild mushrooms
  • Handful Parsley, roughly chopped
  • ½ lemon, juiced


    Heat oven to 160 C

    In a pestle and mortar, gently crush the peppercorns

    In a frying pan, over a medium heat; add the crushed peppercorns and warm through until you hear a popping sound

    Now add the red wine and bring to the boil for a minute to drive off the alcohol from the wine

    Next, reduce the heat to a medium and add the chicken stock and thyme until it simmers

    Carefully place the halibut in the pan and turn down the heat once again so you poach the fillets until they begin to flake apart

    Once the fish is poaching, fry the pancetta in a medium hot frying pan until browned and crispy. Now add the mushrooms and cook until softened. Add a drizzle of lemon juice and the butter and keep on a low heat

    Now the fish should be fully poached. Carefully remove it from the frying pan and place on a plate to keep warm in the oven

    Turn up the poaching liquid to a boil and reduce to a third

    To serve, place the halibut on a warm plate and top with the pancetta and mushrooms and a scattering of parsley and drizzle over the reduced red wine sauce

    I'm partial to this being served with some lentils