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I love to cook. I love to drink. I love to entertain. I love to do this with friends and family whenever possible and I want to spend time with my friends and family rather than be tied to a hob and simply cater for the masses and not get to join in the fun.

I spent many years as a chef working my way through several types of cuisines and was fortunate enough to learn and ply my trade in many fantastic restaurants in the UK and in Paris.

I'll admit something here.

I fell out of love with cooking after years in the trade and quit. I simply didn't cook anymore and lived off takeouts or ready meals and lots of beer but after a while out of the industry I started to hanker for a dinner party, to show off my skills to friends and my future wifes family.

I arranged numerous dinners and lunches and discovered that I still never seemed to be part of the overall party. I'm sure some of my old head chefs would call me an idiot because I forgot to do the two simple yet important things: preparation AND planning.

I spent every dinner and lunch making everything fresh at the hob and spent little to no time at all with my guests because I didn't follow the basic rule of it can be done beforehand and finished off later - DO IT!

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Brian Antell Ex-chef, foodie, drinker and host